a little about myself...
I have always considered myself as a sculptor.  
I began as a sculpting major at University of Central Oklahoma although, I received a degree in graphic design. 
It is through graphic design that I found myself drawn to furniture design, architecture and the concept of sculpture as utilitarian object. These ideas are celebrated in the philosophies of the famous German Bauhaus school and their Russian predecessors who founded the movement "Constructivism".  Both gave extra attention not only to the particular properties of an object but to their spacial presence, and how these two aspects relate to one another and to the environment in which they are in. This has had a profound affect on me and has influenced my work ever since.
I began applying these concepts to functional sculptures and installations that utilized moving parts but never had an intended use or purpose other than as art.  The size and complexity of these larger pieces and installations required me to learn what was behind the gallery wall and how to use that knowledge when creating, preparing and physically installing exhibitions.  I learned the basic principals of architecture and construction as a result.
I now use this understanding of architecture/construction as a tool for "building" works of art that one might call  "art"itecture, blending the creativity of art to the pragmatism of architecture. As a result, I have developed a process of approaching each project independently. It begins by simply listening to a space.  By allowing the architecture and/or other spacial elements to speak, via its volume, line, and light "it" will dictate the proper solution.  Next, is to weigh the needs of the space to the needs of those utilizing the space.  This requires balance.  As a result my work and medium are constantly changing to strike a balance of space, user and function.  My approach towards art making draws on my intrinsic connection with objects/materials and an attempt to see them for what they are not.  I simply enjoy the curious aspects of materials.  What they seem to do naturally, almost willingly, as if they want to be more than what they really are. Therefore, I try to use them in ways that seem unconventional in an effort to present them anew. 
This approach and knowledge has enabled me to sustain self-employment as an artist/builder for over the years.  In this time, I have gained experience in; designing, constructing, managing budgets, scheduling and learning how to work in concert with; property owners/managers, architects, designers, site foremen and subcontractors as both an artist and construction manager.  Projects include public art sculptures for the city of Oklahoma City, installations in institutions such as hospitals and museums, design/build for private residences and restaurants.
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